Royal Avebe & sustainability

We process starch potatoes into products in our potato starch and protein plants. To do so, we use processes and operations that require energy, water and other inputs. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, reduce our water use and make our residual streams as circular as possible.

Reducing our ecological footprint

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Sustainable Agriculture

The challenge? To consistently cultivate a higher yield of the best quality starch potatoes with fewer crop protection agents and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Together with our members in the Netherlands and Germany, we strive for sustainable agriculture.

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Sustainable operations

Avebe gets the most out of the potato. This process requires energy and water and creates waste streams. We know this has to change. Thanks to the developments of our ambitious sustainability programme ‘Plant-based Sustainable Growth’, we are creating a success story worth sharing. 

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Sustainable Society

Avebe has existed for more than 100 years and has been a cooperative from day one. Thanks to this history, we are deeply rooted in the local environment. Together with our members, employees and partners, we work on an innovative and sustainable cooperative. We are in constant dialogue with local, national and European authorities. Our products reduce the footprint of our customers in food, animal feed and in the construction and paper, glue and textile industries. 

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Potato Trailblazers

You could call us the trendsetters of potatoes: we were plant-based before it was cool. For over a century, we’ve innovated and extracted as much value from the potatoes as possible, from starch to protein. Potato starch-based solutions provide sustainable alternatives to fossil-based products for markets. Plant-based proteins result in far smaller carbon, water, and land use footprint than animal proteins. Don’t be surprised when we continue to lead the way over the next century.