Avebe and sustainability: the next step towards more value

As a cooperative, Avebe focusses on sustainability for long-term continuity. We want to do well today for tomorrow, that's how we build the future together.

Sustainability is a precondition for this and is one of the four pillars in Avebe’s strategy. We not only want to achieve good returns for our members today, but also tomorrow and in the future. We look for harmony between making profit and carefully dealing with the environment and people.

That is why we continue to build on our Binding & Building strategy with Binding & Building 2.0 that looks at 2023 (and beyond). Read more about Avebe’s strategy and sustainability objectives in our Integrated Annual Report 2018/2019.


Innovation by nature
Avebe is developing

And has been for almost 100 years.
Not always to become more or bigger,
but always to be better.

This ambition deserves a new visual identity.

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