Sustainability: harmony between a company and the environment. We at Avebe want to achieve optimum returns for our growers not just today, but also tomorrow and in the distant future. An important aspect of this involves working and producing more sustainably. Our aim is to achieve the right balance between cooperative profit, the environment and people: our growers, employees and customers.

Invest in new technology

Sustainability begins in the field. We always ask ourselves how we can help the growers to increase their yields with fewer chemical additives. We also plan to reduce our CO2 emissions by 25%. That will call for investments in new technology at our production locations. We can achieve considerable gains in the transport of our raw materials and products. The fewer transport movements there are, the better it is for the environment.

That’s why we’re replacing storage at several locations with central storage. That will greatly reduce the number of transport movements.

Cleaner transport

Transport is and remains important. But we can make it cleaner: we are replacing lorries with ships and trains. That way we are reducing road transport by one million kilometres and have already achieved a significant CO2 reduction.

“Efficient production leads to reduction of 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions”Erik Koops, Program Energy Efficiency Manager

“A 3% reduction of our overall CO2 emission – representing 11,000 tons less CO2 – the emission of about 1250 households – and an annual reduction of 40,000 transport kilometres. This is the result of the change we have made to our Protastar production.

Protastar is our top quality protein for the animal feed industry. It is made by heating the potato juice that remains after we have extracted the starch and fibres. We used to dry this protein in our potato starch factories at three locations, after which a part of it was transported to our production location in Foxhol for further processing.

Now we’ve succeeded in making the production of Protastar completely ‘inline’ at our Gasselternijveen location. In the entire process the protein only has to be dried once rather than twice, and we no longer need to transport it. This makes an important contribution to our sustainability strategy!”

This project was sponsored through a Green Deal with the Province of Drenthe.

Avebe helps farmer cooperatives in developing economiesAvebe Young

Avebe is constantly engaged in innovation and development with a main focus on sustainability. A good example is our partnership with Agriterra in which we contribute in the professionalization of farmer cooperatives in developing economies. Agriterra provides expert advise to these farmer organizations and cooperatives by linking them to Dutch businesses.

Young professionals from Avebe recently held a workshop about human resources for an Agriterra study group, consisting of managers of various cooperatives from Africa. This resulted in an inspiring experience for all participants.

"The results are exceeding our expectations"Edwin de Jonge, Director Logistics & Purchasing

“We have big ambitions in the green distribution area. That starts with reducing transport where possible: storing products where they are produced, minimising transhipment to customers.

And when we do transport goods, we do so as sustainably as possible. For large distances we opt for ships and trains rather than lorries.

The results up to now are exceeding our expectations. And this is only the beginning.”

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