Sustainable operations

Sustainable operations

What Royal Avebe does best is extracting the maximum value from potatoes. To do this still requires significant energy, water, and produces waste streams. We know this needs to change. Thanks to our radical improvement program, we already have a success story worth sharing.

Targeted Goals

We set ambitious targets and have redesigned processes to improve our daily operational work. To do this, we have three dedicated programs, in six factories, ensuring we hit those goals as well as reduce the chemical impact.

Reduce carbon footprint 2-3% yearly
Reduce water footprint by 20% in five years
Reduce annual waste by 25% in five years

Plant-based Sustainability

What does using plant-based ingredients, instead of animal or fossil, actually do? We’ve crunched the numbers: the avoided carbon footprint of our products is roughly 1,5 times the footprint of our production. That means that the more our customers use us, the smaller our joined supply chain footprint.

We care and so do our members and our customers. Last year over a dozen of our customers asked about the footprint of our products. Over the last decade, we’ve dedicated ourselves to accurately assessing and calculating the high standard life cycle assessment outcomes. Sharing these numbers helps our customers understand their impact and reach their sustainability goals.

We continue to engage our suppliers and our sales force to be partners in sustainability.