Today’s consumer wants an allergen-free, sustainable and healthy food product. They buy and consume to feel good, inside and out. Royal Avebe’s potato starch and protein allow manufacturers to produce a plant-based product with unique and versatile textures that satisfy consumer demand.

Clean Label

Honesty is delicious. Consumers are attracted to bold and authentic clean label declarations. Tell the truth and offer a safe, nutritious and eco-friendly meal using Avebe’s potato starch and protein. Discover ingredients that satisfy a holistic and natural approach towards dinner time.

Health and nutrition

It’s what you don’t include that can matter most. Use only the best to positively influence health and value. Consumers consume less, but pay more attention to nutritional value. They recognise that health is directly affected by diet. Play a proactive role providing fortified foods that positively influence health, energy, and mood with all natural ingredients.