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Thanks to our breeding station Averis, we’ve developed new potato varieties that are more resistant to disease and heat, require less water, and deliver higher yields.

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Partnership is part of the process. Royal Avebe maintains true to its roots and upholds the rationale of our cooperative to this day. Our members, employees and customers inspire each other to maximise the value of the potato.


At our production sites based in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany, we isolate the starch and protein ingredients from high-quality raw materials for our customers worldwide. We're continuously upgrading our process to reduce our carbon footprint, water usage and waste.


As always, we start with the starch potato. From there we extract everything we can. Thanks to the combined strengths consolidated in our Innovation Center in Groningen, we’re unlocking exponentially bigger gains: great tasting meatless burgers, dairy-free milk, and an end to allergies, e-numbers, and unnatural additives.

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As the world population continues to grow, a plant-based and environmentally sustainable diet becomes more and more necessary. We’ve focused our attention on alternatives for dairy, meat, and other animal products and recognize the global customers’ demand for high nutritional value, plant-based protein.


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