Our chain

From sand to customer


This is where our chain begins and where working together is the key to our success. Avebe remains true to its roots and upholds the founding idea of our cooperative to this day. Our members, employees and customers inspire each other to get the most out of the potato.



Our breeding company Averis develops new, sustainable potato varieties. These varieties are more resistant to diseases and drought, require fewer plant protection products and produce higher yields.



At our production sites based in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, we isolate the starch and protein ingredients from high-quality raw materials for our customers worldwide. We are continuously improving our processes to reduce our carbon footprint, water usage and waste.

Innovation center

Thanks to the combined strengths consolidated in our Innovation Center in Groningen, we’re unlocking exponentially bigger gains: good-tasting plant-based burgers or delicious milk without animal protein. Potato ingredients also add a lot in dairy and cheese. Think the right creaminess and texture. And we also reduce allergens, e-numbers and unnatural additives in finished products.

The innovation center


As the world population continues to grow, a plant-based and environmentally sustainable diet becomes more and more necessary. We focus our attention on alternatives to dairy, meat and other animal products and recognise the global customer demand for plant-based proteins with high nutritional value. But our ingredients also add value in regular food products such as baked goods, snacks, dairy and meat.


The journey of our chain ends with the consumers: the people who embrace our innovative products and integrate them into their daily lives. Avebe is all about quality, not quantity. This enables us to better respond to market needs, whether for food, animal feed or industrial applications.


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