Innovation by natureSince 1919

To us, the potato is all about potential. Royal Avebe is always working together with our members, customers and employees to create the most value from the potato. We focus on quality, not quantity. This helps us better serve each market's specific needs, whether it is food, industrial, or animal nutrition. Innovation means developing new potato-based solutions that meet our customers' needs.

Innovate with us

There’s a reason Avebe has a dedicated innovation center. Innovation is who we are. When we combine our understanding of market trends and product knowledge, it results in strength. We’re always developing new sustainable applications, optimising end products, and creating total customer solutions. Innovate with us, because at Avebe, we work together.

Innovate with us

Product Innovation

Each customer brings us new ideas, challenges and demands. At Avebe, we help them find solutions and turn side streams into profits. We help our customers develop new products that focus on value, explore unique innovative textures, and promote a healthy and environmentally sound lifestyle. We deliver new products for the food market that resonate with our customers and the consumers.

Process Innovation

An optimised, sustainable, and high value production process matters. Ensuring that it’s easy to integrate? Even more so. That’s why we invest in innovations to develop cleaner and more environmentally friendly technologies that increase value and are ready to apply. We do this together.