Innovation: extracting everything to be had from the potato. Innovation is like a journey: the journey to new products and applications. Like any journey, innovation also starts with the question: 'Where do we want to go?'

At Avebe the destination is clear. The starch potato is our crop, and our aim is to extract everything to be had from it. It is only if we succeed in that aim that we can offer our growers the best possible returns.

The journey begins in the field, where we help our members to increase their yields with fewer resources. The processes at our production locations also bring us closer to our aim. Innovation makes it possible for us to work more and more cleanly and efficiently.

New products are the final stage of the innovation rocket. Since we are the only party in the world able to extract protein with a special cold process technology, we make the leap from ‘feed’ to ‘food’, from animal feed to food ingredients.

A continual search

In the starch area we continue to build on our strengths. In that context innovation is an ongoing quest to improve and optimise the use of starch for our customers in the food industry.

Extracting fibres and juice from potatoes is also extremely promising. That will be the next stage of the journey in which we maximise the added value of potatoes.

"Innovation is a way of thinking"Michiel Puttman, Avebe Proteins & Fibres

‘You will always find yourself in unfamiliar territory. That’s not the time to say: “We don’t know, let’s give up”, but rather: “We don’t know, let’s work it out.”

Innovation is a way of thinking. Being curious, open to what’s going on in the world, daring to take risks and learning from our mistakes. We involve customers at an early stage of the innovation process, we want to learn from them, get information.

The trends in nutrition and consumer choices are interesting aspects. That’s why we talk to trend watchers and have a good look around in the supermarket.’

Innovation by nature
Avebe is developing

And has been for almost 100 years.
Not always to become more or bigger,
but always to be better.

This ambition deserves a new visual identity.

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