How can we help you?

I am a member of Royal Avebe and I have a question.

For all questions about agricultural and Royal Avebe membership matters you can send an email to: agro@avebe.com.

How can I log into the member portal of Royal Avebe?

If you are a member of Royal Avebe you can reach the portal at the top of this website or click on this link.

I have a request for an interview or article.

Please send your request to communication@avebe.com. Include the topic of the article, why you want to question Royal Avebe and where you want to publish it. Our Communication department will check if your request is in line with our policy.

Can I get a guided tour at Royal Avebe?

In exceptional cases we receive groups. This is due to the safety requirements at our locations and the limited availability of colleagues who can supervise groups.

That is why we only receive groups that have an affinity/relationship with Royal Avebe, such as customers, government agencies and students/lecturers of further education (e.g. chemistry/chemistry) who study our processes (starch/protein). Submit your request via email to communication@avebe.com.

What are the financial results of Royal Avebe?

Avebe publishes an integrated annual report each year to inform its stakeholders about its financial results. You can find the latest version here.

What are the purchasing conditions of Royal Avebe?

We have general purchasing conditions at Royal Avebe. You can find them here.

I have a question about an invoice or payment reminder from Royal Avebe.

Please send your question to creditcontrol@avebe.com.

I am a supplier of Royal Avebe and want to change my data.

Please send an email to purchase.support@avebe.com.

Where can I send my invoice?

Please send your invoice to accountspayable@avebe.com. Do not forget to mention your purchase order (PO) number that you received from Royal Avebe. Otherwise we are not able to pay your invoice.

Customer service
Can I get technical specification of my product?

Please send an email to customerservice@avebe.com.

Which certificates does Royal Avebe have?

Royal Avebe has several certificates. Send your question about certificates to customerservice@avebe.com.

Where can I watch the video with gate instructions?

You can watch the gate instructions via this link.

Human Resources
Can I apply for a vacancy or internship?

We are always looking for talent!

You can find our current vacancies at the careers website. Here you can also read everything about the application procedure or company culture. Is your vacancy not listed? Please send an email to: ronald.ipema@avebe.com  and we will see what we can do for you!

Is your question not listed here? Please send your question or request to info@avebe.com or use the contact button on the right.Contact