Nearly a hundred years old and still bursting with ambition. Avebe started out as the 'Aardappelmeel Verkoop Bureau' (Potato starch Sales Office) in 1919. There have been many changes in almost a century, but one thing has stayed the same: we are bursting with ambition.

In the early years we promoted the sales of several independent cooperatives. Half-way through the twentieth century the factories affiliated with Avebe introduced new products: starch derivatives.

This development was given a boost in 1971, the year in which the factories and the sales office merged into a single company. That was when the innovation process truly began, and it hasn’t stopped since. Avebe has since developed into an international cooperative with over 2250 affiliated Dutch and German members. Avebe’s products find their way to customers all over the world.

With full confidence

Potato starch remains important to us these days, but we are also looking further: we aim to extract everything to be had from the potato. We have developed new technologies, which have enabled us also to extract high quality proteins from the potato. This means that we make it possible to stand out in food applications in particular.

We are confidently looking forward to the next hundred years.


Innovation by nature
Avebe is developing

And has been for almost 100 years.
Not always to become more or bigger,
but always to be better.

This ambition deserves a new visual identity.

Welcome to our new website.

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