Processed cheese

Producing a tasty and satisfying cheese-like product demands knowledge and flexibility. It should be stretchy, elastic, shredable, with the versatile demands of high or restricted melts, all bundled into a unique manufacturing environment. Produce a cheaper cheese analogue that lasts longer, holds better, and looks good.

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Looking for that indistinguishable-from-the-real-thing slice of cheese? That individual piece of perfectly yellow and firm,  , that rests right on top of another? Avebe’s starches deliver a reliable and reproducible product that’s the ideal option for restaurants and delis.

Shredded cheese

Use Avebe starches and say goodbye to sticky or clumpy shredded cheese, whether it’s for home cooking, food service, or salad bars. Provide the consumer with delicious, easy, and uniform shredded cheeses.


With potato starch-based ingredients, manufacturers can reduce the costs while increasing the manufacturing flexibility of hard cheese products, while also tailoring the texture and flavor to their customers.

Cheese toppings

Although processed and imitation cheese do not naturally receive the appreciation it deserves: it has certain technical advantages over traditional cheese including longer shelf life, decreased tendency to separate upon cooking or melting and a uniform look and physical behavior. Next to these advantages it offers considerable cost saving opportunities. Avebe offers potato starch based solutions that help our customers to fulfill their needs and requirements. Our innovative Perfectamyl™ separation, increase your production yield up to 300%, and  save a lot of money. Avoid the usual food additives and non-natural ingredients, and provide a higher quality, better looking, tasting, and feeling product.

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In Europe, Avebe is the market leader for starches in processed cheese. If you’re looking for a better stretch, melt, or shred, take advantage of Avebe’s Cheese-Toolbox. Our starches provide a neutral taste that’s easy to flavour, from cheddar to mozzarella. With our tailor made cheese expertise, Avebe has the solution from years of practical experience.

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