Sustainable agriculture

Future of farming

The change in arable farming is exponential. The developments in technology, climate, biodiversity, as well as local and global policy are significant. The next 10 years will change everything, introducing opportunities as well as challenges. To adjust to these changes, we maintain a sustainable focus. Arable farming should strive to be more sustainable everyday. As we have for the past 100 years, Avebe will continue to anticipate and adapt to the latest circumstances, cementing our influence and relevance into the next century.

Responsible growth

We are taking the next steps in creating greater value. One of the pillars we strive towards is to facilitate market-driven sustainable agriculture. We will increase the balance of starch potato cultivation in a sustainable way by € 500 per hectare.

More or less

To grow responsibly, we’ve initiated our “3x10” concept focused on productivity improvement, CO2 reduction in cultivation, and reduction of environmental pressure. Avebe and its growers will focus on:

10% more yield
10% lower footprint
10% lower environmental impact
Responsible growth

Our test and demo fields

We like proof, and at our test and demo fields we find it. Last year we demonstrated that choosing the right potato variety – combined with best practices – reduces the carbon footprint by 20%, lowers the environmental impact by 30%, increases yields by € 280 per hectare, and reduces the farmer’s workload by an hour. We know that the daily farm is not a lab, but now we have the proof to put it into practice.