Sustainable agriculture

Together with our members, Avebe is working to make starch potato cultivation more sustainable to serve the market with innovative ingredients now and in the future.

3xH programme

We are committed to a balanced approach that not only results in good yields, but also promotes a healthy farm, soil and environmental. We believe that sustainable agriculture is not only essential for our current generation, but also for future generations. To work together with our potato growers towards a profitable and sustainable potato crop, we introduced the 3xH programme. Avebe and its members focus on:

Healthy farm
Healthy soil
Healthy environment

Our test and demo fields

Avebe has several trial and demo fields in the Netherlands and Germany. Here, trials and demos are set up to improve cultivation efficiency and sustainability. Our growers are invited several times a year to visit these fields.

New starch potato varieties

Our subsidiary Averis Seeds B.V. develops new potato varieties with high starch and protein yields, and better disease resistance. Averis‘ potato varieties are grown sustainably in the Avebe growing area and provide at least 80% of Avebe growers’ seed potato supply.

Our growers are certified

We work with VVAK, which is a scheme for certification in food and feed safety and sustainability. Avebe’s growers score “Gold” according to the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) standard, which is an international standard for sustainable growing, looking at economic, social and environmental aspects. The standard is recognised internationally by more than 125 leading food companies.