A growing and demanding consumer market craves a plant-based cheese product that satisfies and delivers as well as it’s animal based counterpart. Rely on the expertise of Avebe’s deep well of knowledge, as well as its potato starch portfolio, to produce the perfect plant-based cheese to satisfy those demands.

Salad cubes

Looking for a crumbly, creamy, white, firm and Feta-like cheese product? With Avebe’s starches, manufacturers can promote ‘free from’ allergens and ‘animal friendly’ labeling. Deliver a plant-based Feta that looks just right on your consumer’s next salad.

Cheese toppings

The right type of cheese topping is melty and stretchy. With the emulsification and gelling properties of Avebe‘s Perfectasol™ starches, deliver a plant-based version to your consumers that is allergen free, and animal friendly, all the while maintaining a neutral taste and white color, allowing you to adjust to the consumer’s exact needs.

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With Perfectasol™, Avebe’s specialty potato starches and potato protein, the emulsion capability is ideal for firm as well as elastic plant-based cheese slices. It’s neutral taste and white color allow for a myriad of opportunities. Attract consumers with a ‘free from’ allergens and ‘animal friendly’ labeling. 

Discover Perfectasol™

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Avebe can provide a completely plant based solution that holds its own against traditional dairy, with rich, creamy and smooth textures. The neutral taste and white appearance avoids the need to mask, and the manufacturer can proudly state a ‘free from’ allergen and ‘animal friendly’ labeling.