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Made easy with Etenia ®

Consumers seek out natural flavours, clean ingredients, and distinct textures. Elevate your yogurt products effortlessly with Etenia®. With the neutral taste, clean appearance, and smooth texture of our potato starch, manufacturers can overcome the challenges of traditional dairy.

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Reduce costs

Etenia® has a lower cost in use compared to other ingredients without compromising on taste. Within dairy products Etenia® can replace:

  • 1 % Etenia® replace 1% milk protein
  • 1 % Etenia® replace 3% milk fat
  • 1 % Etenia® replace approx. 0.5% gelatin

Download the recipe for inspiration.

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Easy drop-in solution

Etenia® is an easy drop-in solution. Fits in all processes, has a clean flavor profile, delivering the desired smooth & creamy texture to yogurts. We provide application know-how as well as pilot facilities to fine-tune the concept to support you with the perfect recipe and consumers a healthier indulgence.

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Case studies

Clean label yogurt

Delicious desserts should feel like a treat. Give your customers the creaminess, texture, and delight they expect.  Replace modified starches, hydrocolloids, milk fat and milk protein, providing a clean & consumer-friendly label. Download the e-book with several case studies.


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With the neutral taste, clean appearance, and smooth texture of Etenia® , you can overcome the challenges of traditional dairy.  Get in touch how we can support you reducing costs while creating delicious yogurts!

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