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All pet owners seek the same: nutritious pet foods tailored to their specific needs and well-accepted. A plus if the food fits the beliefs of today’s pet owners, such as reducing footprint by insect-based or plantforward diets. Combining these features may bring challenges to pet food manufacturers, such as selecting key ingredients which are palatable, well-rounded and fit consumer trends. On top of challenges such as availability, quality issues and volatile prices.


New generation pet food

Whether it is a traditional or plant-based diet, manufacturers interested in a new generation of pet food should carefully select proteins. Five key nutrients must be considered when formulating pet foods: proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Proteins contribute to the taste of the food.


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Why feed pet’s potato protein?

So, what about the potato? Potato proteins are rich, well rounded and contain a high level of crude protein content. Our pet food potato protein product ProtaSTAR® is rich in sulfur-containing amino acids and aromatic amino acids, enriching the coat colour of pets. Thanks to its low glycoalkaloids, pets love the taste.

Case study

Enhancing Pet Nutrition with ProtaSTAR®

In the competitive world of pet food production, where quality and innovation are key, family-owned company Vobra Special Petfoods has carved a distinctive path. With over 90 years of experience in pet nutrition, Vobra stands for its commitment to the usage of natural ingredients solely. One of those ingredients is Royal Avebe’s ProtaSTAR®. This is one of our high-purity refined potato protein products, perfect for making high-quality food for farm animals and pets.


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