How to clean up your label in meat products

While cost effectiveness is a continuous requirement to stay competitive in the meat industry, the need for a cleaner label is a growing trend. Consumers are very conscious of what they buy and what they eat.

The growth in demand for so-called “free from” foods is significant and driven by a number of factors. Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of food on health and of food-related allergies and intolerances. Hence they are more likely to read food labels and demand ingredient labels free from allergens, such as soy, egg or milk-derived ingredients. Many of the above-mentioned additives and ingredients are currently widely used in the meat industry. They help to maintain and improve water binding, texture and stability and they have proven to perform well in a wide range of meat applications for many years.

Challenge for the meat industry

Now that consumers have expressed their wish for cleaner labels, the challenge for the meat industry is how to achieve cleaner labels at an affordable price without compromising quality?

Our potato starches that were developed specifically for meat are based on so-called waxy potato starch, which produces a very high and stable water-binding capacity. In a model system comparable to processed meat, Perfectabind™ C outperforms various native and modified starches. In ham, sausages and canned meats that are based on high-quality meat, significant cost savings and texture improvements can be achieved. Perfectabind™ C is non-modified and non-GMO, and the need for carrageenan and/or phosphates can be made redundant, obtaining a cleaner label in the process.

As another solution to create a ‘clean label’ meat product, Avebe has developed a range of functional potato proteins with excellent emulsifying and gelation properties. At relatively low usage levels they can be used to prepare highly stable emulsions. Solanic®100T is a functional, partially soluble potato protein with an elevated pH of up to approx. 9, which helps to mobilize the meat proteins to bind more water.

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Test results beef hot dogs

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