Additives for ready-to-use:instant performance uplift

Ready-to-use plasters are gaining popularity especially in the DIY-market as they provide an easy solution for everyone to handle. Ready-to-use plasters remove the complexity of mixing the powder formulations with water. For the manufacturer of the formulation, it ensures that the product is used as intended and performs at its best without any intervention by the applicator.

The benefits

However, the benefits of ready-to-use plasters also extends to construction sites as the variable conditions onsite and onsite mixing is eliminated from the scenario. This allows for a more consistent product quality.

Avebe’s starch ethers can be added at the factory – or mixed in the aftermarket. Additives for ready-to-use products keep all the benefits of pre-addded starch ethers while boosting flexibility, with the end user able to adjust for each use case.

That flexibility extends to usability. Construction sites are subject to wide variations of temperatures and conditions, but these additives need no specialized storage and are ready to use straight from the packaging. They’re water-soluble and maintain performance characteristics in a range of concentrations, letting customers dial in the consistencies they prefer. Among Avebe’s additives for ready-to-use products are CasuCOL®, Solvitose® and OpaGEL®.