Avebe announces campaign price

NewsFriday, 03 Jul 2020

On 3 July 2020, Avebe informed its members of the finalised campaign price of 76.50 euros per tonne of potatoes. An advance payment of 65 euro per tonne of potatoes was set at the beginning of the season, later increased by 6 euros to 71 euros per tonne of potatoes. The coronavirus created uncertainties during this campaign, such as the ability to transport products to customers in Asia.

Despite that, the results were favourable and the finalised campaign price was set at 76.50 euros per tonne of potatoes. Including premiums and bonuses, Avebe will this year be paying an average of 84 euros per tonne of potatoes. The financial year 2019/2020 ends on 31 July, after which the cooperative announces the performance price in November. This is Avebe’s most important financial indicator, in which the cooperative result and the potato revenues come together.

Planned maintenance and investments are currently underway. The factories will start up again for a new processing campaign in mid-August.