Avebe concludes potato campaign

NewsFriday, 08 May 2020

This week Avebe is processing the final potatoes of this campaign at its production location in Gasselternijveen. The members’ potatoes were all delivered at the beginning of May. Potato processing at other production sites in the Netherlands and Germany had already been completed.

Following a growing season in which high temperatures and drought once again played a role, the first field potatoes were delivered from mid-August onwards. The potatoes from storage areas at the members’ premises followed from mid-January. Although the temperature has risen in recent months, the quality of the potatoes remained good on average in the final phase of the campaign. Both the supply of potatoes and their processing in the factories went smoothly. Avebe can therefore look back on a successful campaign.

The starch content of this campaign fluctuated around 19 percent. This is slightly lower than the long-term average. The tare percentage – the soil that comes with the potatoes from the land to the factory – was lower than average. The generally favourable harvesting conditions meant that less soil was brought to the factories.

Because of the growing demand for vegetable proteins for food, each processing campaign starts and ends in Gasselternijveen. At this location, Avebe extracts the protein from potatoes for food applications, including meat substitutes and dairy-free products. The next few months will be devoted to factory maintenance and carrying out planned investments. The next campaign is expected to start in Gasselternijveen in mid-August.