Avebe Launches PerfectaSOL®: the Next Generation Potato Protein

InnovationMarketNewsMonday, 27 Nov 2023

Royal Avebe, the pioneering farmers’ cooperative known for its innovative potato-based ingredients, is proud to announce the launch of PerfectaSOL®, the next generation of potato protein products. Join them at the highly anticipated Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt, Germany from November 28 to November 30, as they launch this game-changing next-generation PerfectaSOL® in e.g., delicious veggie donuts and ‘aloo tikki’ potato cookies.

Pioneer with potato protein since 2006

As pioneers in the field since 2006 with their Solanic® potato protein, Avebe has constantly strived to contribute to the evolution of plant-based protein, and PerfectaSOL® represents a significant step forward. One of the key highlights of PerfectaSOL® is its ability to create consumer products with exceptional texture. In collaboration with their customers, the company got substantially better results when it came to creating end-products with convincing taste and texture.

Next-generation, stand-alone plant-based products

Beyond replicating existing animal-based products, PerfectaSOL® opens up a world of possibilities for creating next-generation, stand-alone plant-based consumer products. A joint effort from a food designer and Avebe’s R&D team made recently new concepts such as ‘aloo tikki’ potato cookies and veggie donuts, but the potential for evolution is truly limitless. Avebe aims to captivate a broader audience, extending beyond vegans and vegetarians, by delivering unique and enticing plant-based experiences.

At FiE, booth # 3.0B242, Avebe invites you to discover the incredible potential of their potato-based solutions and share your thoughts on their latest innovations. Don’t miss the chance to taste their next-generation products first-hand! Visit them at IFT Booth # 3.0B242 during the event.


For more information contact the Communication & Public Affairs department, +31 598 66 54 00 or e-mail communication@avebe.com