Avebe potato harvesting season starts

Today Avebe's potato campaign starts in the Netherlands. Following an unstable growing season, the first potatoes are being delivered to the Gasselternijveen location.
NewsMonday, 17 Aug 2020

A large number of our members once again faced drought and high temperatures this year. Differences in the harvests between fields are caused by whether irrigation is permitted and the variation in rainfall levels. The months of August and September are still important potato growing months that can influence the total harvest. Arjan de Rooij, Agri Director of Avebe: “The growing conditions have varied greatly among our members. There are sometimes even differences between fields belonging to the same grower. Much will depend on whether temperatures go down and we get some rainfall in the near future.”

Over the past few months we have been working hard to get the production sites ready for the upcoming campaign. The campaign in Gasselternijveen is starting in line with previous years. The other production locations in Ter Apelkanaal and the German Lüchow will follow on from that. The production location in Dallmin started last week. In the campaign planned until the end of April 2021, potatoes from around 2300 Dutch and German members will be processed into potato starch and potato protein. In turn, these ingredients are processed by our clients into foodstuffs, industrial applications and animal feed.