Avebe qualifies for world finals of The Fresh Connection Global Challenge

16 Sep 2016
Avebe has qualified for the world final of The Fresh Connection. On 22 September an Avebe team will be going to Miami to show what it knows about Supply Chain Management.

They will be taking up the challenge for the world title with 9 other international winners from all over the world.

The Fresh Connection is a virtual company in which all aspects of Supply Chain Management come together. This involves matters such as mastery of effective sales and production planning. During the competition the participants will be confronted with various demanding challenges, such as failed harvests, product innovations and getting caught by surprise by the competition. The team achieving the best result wins the Global Challenge.

Avebe won the Dutch title earlier this year, which placed the team of five employees in the running for the world title. They will be competing against teams from other companies in countries including Russia, China and Brazil, including major internationally established names such as Coca-Cola.

The whole team stands to win an executive course at MIT in Boston, one of the world’s most prestigious technological universities.

Avebe is of course hugely proud of these talents and wishes Annemieke Vens, Wendy Wever, Wout Nijland, Tom Wassink and Erik Pricker the best of luck in Miami!

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