Solanic® proteins in glutenfree breadmix ‘Brødklapper’

09 Jul 2015
Naturlic was one of the first companies in Denmark to start with gluten free products. They have worked with potato for years and have today a large selection of products in the Danish market. The products are sold in the main health-food chains across the country.

Avebe’s Solanic® potato protein is used in several products to boost the protein concentration and to give the structure for the products.

Brødklapper (bread pieces) are a baking pre-mix with a high level of protein and fibres for well-tasting and easy home baking. They can be used to make bread, pizza, meat free paddies and also porridge, cookies and similar. Brødklapper gives a good satiety and is naturally free from gluten and without added sugars or yeast.

Naturlic has prepared a range of recipes where the different variations can be used for home baking and has 4 different products with Solanic® potato protein in the selection: Natural, Apple cinnamon, Carrot parsley and with extra fibres. The products have 18g protein/100g.

For more information and to see more inspiring recipes please visit this site.

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