Campaign end price 2023/2024 € 100 per tonne of potatoes

CorporateNewsTuesday, 28 May 2024

Royal Avebe’s campaign end price for the 2023/2024 harvest year has been set at € 100 per tonne of potatoes. The cooperative is thus increasing its basic price for this harvest year by € 5 per tonne, from € 95 per tonne.

David Fousert: “Avebe always strives to pay its farmer members as much as possible. We are taking the necessary steps to achieve this. We are well aware that the yield of starch potato cultivation has to further increase because of rising costs, climate change, changed law and regulatory and competition of other crops.”

Looking back 
It was not an easy season for Avebe’s more than 2,000 farmer members. David Fousert: “It is impressive how our members dealt with the many challenges this harvest year. This had the necessary impact on Avebe. Just like the global macro-economic situation.’

Season 2024/2025
Once again, farmer members are experiencing many challenges at the start of the new season. It has been a very wet spring, resulting in a later-than-normal start to planting. Regionally, the differences are big. On average, 90% of potatoes are in the ground for Avebe.