DUCAM project wins the Water Innovator of the Year award 2021

NewsSustainabilityFriday, 12 Feb 2021
The winner of the ‘Water Innovator of the Year’ award was announced during the online conference Water Vision 2021. The three ideas selected were Mid Mix, Mezt and the DUCAM project. The winning finalist was decided on the basis of the jury report and the results of the online vote. The award went to the DUCAM project of Wafilin Systems b.v. and Avebe.

Innovative companies, start-ups or government agencies that value innovation, sustainability and public-private cooperation are singled out for this award. The search was specifically for innovations that make using process water cheaper, more sustainable or more efficient.

The DUCAM project came out on top following an exciting debate in which the finalists exchanged thoughts on the value of water innovation with André Mepschen of the Water Alliance. The short pitch, explaining how the DUCAM project came about and the advantages this new membrane filtration application offers Avebe, was the decisive factor for winning the award. Harry van Dalfsen, founder and technical director of Wafilin Systems b.v., emphasises the importance of good cooperation based on the years of experience of all parties: “With the experience of the past and the knowledge we have today, we were able to develop a solid and reliable solution together with Avebe.”

The DUCAM project (Sustainable Concentration of Potato Juice with Membranes) met the jury’s criteria. DUCAM achieves significant energy savings, reduces CO2 emissions and ensures that water – filtered from potato juice – can be reused. A sustainable solution. Reusing the water closes the cycle, and this leads to a better world both for now and in the future. Other biorefinery processes in the food industry also stand to gain from considerable energy and water savings by using this technology. “With the DUCAM project, we are making great strides towards achieving our sustainability goals. It will enable us to save a lot of water, energy and CO2 emissions. I’m proud that we were able to achieve this with such a small team”, says Erik Koops, Program Energy Efficiency Manager at Avebe.

Curious about the ins and outs of the DUCAM project? If so, take a look on youtube.