Frans Keurentjes, chairman of the Supervisory Board of FrieslandCampina and Bert Jansen, CEO of Avebe, in Topteam Agri & Food

20 Feb 2018
The top team of the top sector Agri & Food gained two new members at the beginning of 2018: Frans Keurentjes, dairy farmer and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Royal FrieslandCampina and Bert Jansen, CEO of starch cooperative Avebe.

Frans Keurentjes succeeds former chairman of FrieslandCampina Piet Boer. Bert Jansen replaces Robert Smith, former CEO of Cosun.

Aalt Dijkhuizen, top team chairman: “We warmly welcome the arrival of Frans Keurentjes and Bert Jansen in the top team. They both come from important companies and cooperatives in our sector. There has always been close cooperation in the “golden triangle” of the business community, knowledge institutions and the government. This is one of the aspects that has enabled the sector to gain a leading worldwide position and make a major contribution to society, wellbeing and employment. And that underlines the importance of continuing and strengthening this partnership.”

Chaired by Aalt Dijkhuizen, the top team Agri & Food consists of the following representatives from the business community, knowledge institutions and government:

  • Joris Baecke, arable farmer and director of LTO Nederland
  • Raoul Bino, Managing Director of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
  • Marit van Egmond, member of the board of Albert Heijn, also member of the Dutch Food Retail Association (CBL)
  • Ruud Huirne, director of Food & Agri at Rabobank
  • Bert Jansen, CEO of Avebe, also member of the board of the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI)
  • Frans Keurentjes, dairy farmer and chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Royal FrieslandCampina
  • Jan van Rijsingen, entrepreneur, representative of SME Food
  • Marjolijn Sonnema, Directorate General for Agriculture and Nature, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The aim of the top sector policy is to continue to strengthen the sectors in which the Netherlands excels worldwide and which set the standard for prosperity and wellbeing. The Netherlands is a world player when it comes to agriculture & food. The sector’s mission is to work on safe and healthy food for 9 billion people in a resilient world. Knowledge and innovation enable us to make a significant contribution to food security throughout the world, to support a healthy lifestyle and to enable the Dutch economy and employment to grow. The Dutch sector wants to distinguish itself with climate-neutral and circular food production in a world in which more food will be needed in the next 40 years than in the last 4000, and where the raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce.

The Dutch agrifood sector annually generates almost €50 billion in added value and more than €100 billion in exports. It is our country’s largest manufacturing sector, contributes 10% of our national income and accounts for 10% of all employment.

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