Product comparison shows: PerfectaSOL D520; The Game-Changing Plant-Based Cheese for Vegan Pizza Lovers

InnovationNewsTuesday, 21 Nov 2023

For pizza lovers who crave that perfect, mouthwatering experience, their search for the ideal plant-based pizza cheese ends here. PerfectaSOL D 520, a plant-based cheese ingredient, has set a new standard for vegan pizza cheese, outperforming two leading commercial alternatives in terms of stretch and melt. Plant-based pizza cheese with PerfectaSOL D 520 not only tastes delicious but also mimics the consumer-desired stretch and melt of traditional, animal-based pizza cheese.

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At Royal Avebe, we understand the demands of consumers seeking a plant-based alternative with excellent taste and texture. This need can be met with our PerfectaSOL portfolio. In plant-based pizza cheese, the taste, stretch, and melt of the original can be realized. Our product comparison showcases how PerfectaSOL  D 520 surpasses two leading commercial alternatives, specifically as the perfect texturizer for plant-based cheese.

Key Findings of the product comparison:

  • Unmatched Stretch and Melt: PerfectaSOL® D 520 excels in achieving the stretch and melt qualities that are essential for crafting authentic and delicious vegan pizza cheese. It surpasses two prominent commercial alternatives, providing an outstanding culinary experience for pizza lovers.
  • Superior Texture: With its creamy texture and smooth consistency, PerfectaSOL® D 520 mirrors original dairy-based cheese, making it an ideal choice for pizzerias and food manufacturers aiming to cater to the growing demand for vegan and plant-based options.
  • Exceptional Taste: The plant-based cheese product also scores high on taste, offering a rich and indulgent flavour profile that complements a wide range of pizza toppings and sauces.
To witness the remarkable functionality performance of PerfectaSOL® D 520, we invite you to view our video demonstration, which clearly illustrates its stretch and melt capabilities.

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