Gold medal for Royal Avebe

CorporateNewsSustainabilityWednesday, 02 Aug 2023

Top 5% Position in Sustainability within the Industry with Ecovadis Gold Recognition.

Royal Avebe has been awarded a gold medal by Ecovadis, a global collaborative platform that helps companies assess sustainability performance throughout the supply chain. With this recognition, Avebe now ranks among the top 5% in sustainability within the industry.

“We are incredibly proud of this acknowledgment from Ecovadis, which values and confirms our sustainability efforts,” said David Fousert, Chairman of Avebe. “Our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of who we are as a cooperative, and we continue to strive for further improvements in all areas of sustainability.”

Sustainable ambitions
The entire organization is dedicated to reducing water usage, CO2 emissions, and waste. One of the priorities is to reduce the use of chemicals in the factories, exemplified by the WCOM (World Class Operational Management) program. Additionally, there is a program focused on reducing energy consumption, including the installation of electric boilers (e-boilers) and the use of solar energy to green the required electricity.

Avebe also promotes sustainability on the field by the establishment of a sustainable cultivation program together with its members. This program has led to a reduction in the use of crop protection agents. In short, Avebe is actively working on sustainability in all aspects.

Sustainable Initiatives significantly improved the Ecovadis Score for the Procurement Department
Sustainability is also embedded in Avebe’s general purchasing conditions and has become part of supplier audits. In addition to agreements with suppliers, Avebe has also looked at what they purchase. For instance, the share of truck transport has been reduced by opting for train transport more frequently. Moreover, ingredients have been made more sustainable. In the production process, palm oil-based ingredients are used, and since 2021, all processed palm oil in these ingredients is RSPO certified. The RSPO standard represents the largest, independent standard for more sustainable palm oil and protects the environment and local communities that depend on it. The World Wide Fund for Nature supports this standard.

These are just a few examples of the efforts that have led to Ecovadis’ gold medal.

The Ecovadis platform
An important part of Avebe’s sustainability efforts is Ecovadis. This global collaborative platform helps companies evaluate the performance of their suppliers. Ecovadis covers over 200 sectors and operates in more than 175 countries. By working together with suppliers and customers, Avebe can strengthen sustainability performance throughout the chain. This collaborative approach provides insights into social, ecological, and economic performance throughout the supply chain. Ecovadis assesses four pillars: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.