Perfectasol™ helps companies grow in the plant-based segment

InnovationMarketNewsStoriesFriday, 09 Sep 2022

Royal Avebe closely follows important market trends. Examples include sustainability and health. Another important trend, which is now with us to stay, is plant-based food. To help customers grow in the plant-based dairy segment, Avebe has developed Perfectasol™, which both startups and established companies use worldwide.

The plant-based trend continues unabated. “Consumers worldwide understand what is meant by this,” explains Strategic Marketing Manager Akkelien Vermue-Tjalsma. “They
associate plant-based food with health, a more sustainable choice and variety in their diet. Vegetable dairy products make up a significant part of this segment. Avebe developed Perfectasol™ to meet he growing demand for plant-based dairy substitutes. Perfectasol™ is a combination of potato starch and potato protein, wholly plant-based and clean-label, i.e. without any additives. It can also be used in certain sweets. With Perfectasol™ we support customers who want to enter the plant-based market or expand and innovate with different textures and taste profiles.”

A tasty product that closely resembles dairy products

“Perfectasol™ is easy to process and use in our customers’ production processes,” adds Business Development Manager Meleknur Tüzün. “It is also functionally attractive for them to use Perfectasol™. It is a complete solution, giving the same result that usually requires several ingredients. Another advantage is that companies can use Perfectasol™ at all stages of their existence. That ranges from start-ups that are not yet able to make large investments to established dairy companies wanting to make progress in plant-based products. With Perfectasol™ we can help our customers meet their customers’ needs. Consumers want a tasty product with the same texture as the dairy products they are used to. That is what Avebe can offer.”

Continuous development

Perfectasol™ was created about seven years ago, and Avebe is continuously developing the product to meet customer requirements. We closely follow food trends here. “For example, we recently launched a Perfectasol product for use in a plant-based parmesan cheese,” says Meleknur. “Other relatively new concepts include plant-based feta pizza topping, cheddar shreds, yoghurt, cheese slices and different types of cream cheese.”

Support, service and functionality

“Companies worldwide have been using Perfectasol™ for a long time,” says Account Manager Dan Bailey, based in the US state of Arizona. “Potato protein and potato starch are crucial for their recipes, as these products offer precisely the texture companies are looking for. I work closely with the recipe developer of one of our customers. Every fortnight we update each other on what we are doing and how Avebe can help make recipes even better. We also have regular discussions with scientists from our innovation centre. During these meetings, we try to solve any problems the customer might have with their recipes and offer Avebe products with the right functionality. Customers appreciate Perfectasol™ for functionality, its technical support, and because Avebe can get things done quickly. If samples are required, we can usually provide them quickly. Our customers are constantly perfecting their recipes, and Avebe helps at every step of the way.”