Royal Avebe appoints Klaas Hidde Kuipers as its new chief operations officer

CorporateNewsThursday, 15 Jun 2023

Klaas Hidde Kuipers will start at Royal Avebe on 21 August 2023 as chief operations officer (COO).  He succeeds Mark Tettelaar, who will leave Avebe on 31 August.

Klaas Hidde Kuipers has held operational positions at various national and international companies. The last 10 years with Cargill, in his last role as Cocoa & Chocolate Operations Lead Europe & West Africa.

Chairman of the Board David Fousert: “We are very happy to have Klaas Hidde on board. With his background in Chemical Engineering and great experience in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, we are convinced that he will be of added value to Avebe. And in particular for achieving our strategic goals.”

Kuipers gets to work on further strengthening the base at Avebe. Mark Tettelaar has made an important contribution to this basis. Fousert: “We thank Mark Tettelaar for the huge steps he has taken within Operations.”