Royal Avebe publishes its integrated annual report 2020/2021

NewsSustainabilityFriday, 10 Dec 2021

Royal Avebe today publishes its integrated annual report 2020/2021. Despite the impact of the corona crisis and market conditions, Avebe achieved a performance price of 93.30 euros per tonne in the financial year (last year: 96.15 euros per tonne). The financial year was concluded with a cooperative profit of 9.2 million euros (last year: 8.7 million euros) Despite that, the cooperative result was the highest in six years and most members had a better harvest after two dry years, receiving 14% more potato money.

With this performance price Avebe meets the targets set in the strategic plan Binding and Building. The substantial increase in the contribution of our innovative products, such as food protein and starch-protein blends, cushioned the decline in the performance price. The rapidly rising demand for plant-based products for meat and dairy substitutes played an important role in this. Avebe’s strategy is to create more added value through innovative products.

Transparent annual report

In this integrated annual report, Avebe has once again taken a step forward in terms of transparency about the results, strategy, sustainability and risk management. Avebe’s Binding and Building strategy focuses on a higher performance price for its members whilst reducing the environmental impact of the cultivation and processing of starch potatoes. The annual report sets out how the cooperative has performed in the various projects throughout the chain: from the cultivation of starch potatoes to our customers’ end products.

Read here to read more about the results in the integrated 2020/2021 report.

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