Royal Avebe signs first contracts with members to buy renewable energy certificates

CorporateNewsSustainabilityMonday, 21 Feb 2022

David Fousert, CEO of Royal Avebe, and Avebe member Erik Emmens from Zeijen today signed the contract to buy Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). These GoOs entitle Avebe to certificates that make its electricity consumption more sustainable. From now on, this will also be possible with GoOs produced by our own members. A big step towards making Avebe even more sustainable!

“Avebe wants to make its electricity consumption more sustainable to meet the targets in our sustainability strategy. We already buy GoOs on the market, but what could be better than being able to buy them from our own members as well? A first step has been taken, and we hope more members will follow,” says CEO David Fousert.

A GoO is a proof of sustainably produced electricity, such as solar or wind energy. Many Avebe members have solar panels on their roofs to make their farms more sustainable. If they have any green energy left over, they can sell it to other parties who can use it to make their electricity consumption more sustainable. A survey held by Avebe among its members last year showed that they were interested in selling GoOs to Avebe.

Avebe member Erik Emmens: “I welcome this sale, both as an entrepreneur and a member of Avebe. I see it as a challenge for the members to work together to achieve our companies’ sustainability goals as well as those of our cooperative. By selling the certificates to Avebe, we also keep the money within the cooperative so that we all ultimately benefit. A win-win situation, and the more members who join in, the better!”

Meanwhile, several members have expressed their intention to sell their GoOs to Avebe.

Erik Emmens (left) and David Fousert sign the contract