Royal Avebe substantially increases its Solanic potato-protein production

NewsTuesday, 30 Nov 2021
Royal Avebe substantially increases its Solanic potato protein production to keep up with market demand for plant-based foods.

Royal Avebe, a Dutch cooperative of starch potato growers whose potatoes are processed into high-quality food ingredients, invests this year € 66 million in its innovation and sustainability program. Most of these investments are linked to the Solanic potato protein capacity. The expansion will result in a substantial increase of the production output volumes, starting this potato harvest season 2021. Preparations for further growth are already in place to keep up with expected growing market demand.

Bart Pennings, Director of Business Development: “A growing number of consumers are looking for plant-based alternatives without compromising on texture and taste. Since 2007, already ahead of the plant-based protein transition, we have been successfully supporting this consumer demand with our highly functional Solanic potato protein isolates.” Avebe’s potato protein is widely used by leading plant-based food companies. For example, by replacing animal-based ingredients such as egg protein, gelatin or milk protein in plant-based meat, dairy and confectionery alternatives. Pennings: “Or within the vegan market with our latest innovations within cheese applications. We at Avebe help realizing a vegan cheese alternative by creating the desired texture, from creamy and spoonable via smooth and spreadable to firm and cuttable. Our Solanic potato proteins combine excellent functionality such as emulsifying, gelling and foaming, with a ‘clean label’ declaration: they do not require allergen labelling and can simply be labeled as potato protein”, Pennings outlines.

Solanic potato protein has the lowest CO2-footprint compared to other commonly used animal- and plant-based proteins. The strong growth of the plant-based foods market together with the desirable properties of Solanic potato proteins has led to a shortage of supply in recent years. “With the investments and increase in production capacity and our future expansion plans, we’re the right partner to support the food industry with the growing demand for plant-based foods”, concludes Pennings. Avebe is dedicated to further increase the quality and sustainability standards of its protein products and processes.