Royal Avebe to launch Plant-Based Ice Cream at IFT First

InnovationNewsThursday, 06 Jul 2023

Get ready for a revolution in frozen desserts! Royal Avebe, the pioneering farmers’ cooperative known for its innovative potato-based ingredients, is set to stun the food industry with its latest creation: plant-based ice cream. Join us at the highly anticipated IFT First: Annual Event and Expo in Chicago, USA, from July 16th to July 19th, as we launch this game-changing frozen treat that will redefine the way we enjoy ice cream.

Avebe’s cutting-edge plant-based ice cream is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of food innovation. Crafted with our groundbreaking ingredient, PerfectaSOL®, derived from potatoes, this revolutionary product solves the texture and mouthfeel challenges that have long plagued plant-based alternatives. By harnessing the power of PerfectaSOL®, we have  created a vegan ice cream that boasts the same indulgent creaminess, tantalizing flavours, and impeccable smoothness as traditional dairy ice cream, all while being free-from allergens*, GMO-free, kosher, and halal.

At IFT Booth #S3113, Avebe invites you to participate in this revolutionary ice cream experience. Discover the incredible potential of their potato-based solutions and share your thoughts on their latest creations. Don’t miss the chance to taste the future of ice cream firsthand! Visit us at IFT Booth #S3113 during the event.


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'We are thrilled to introduce our plant-based ice cream to the world at IFT First. With PerfectaSOL®, we have created a clean label plant-based ice cream that not only delivers an exceptional taste experience but also promotes health and environmental sustainability. With this product you can create the desired taste and texture whilst maintaining the full mouthfeel, whiteness, gelling, and smoothness of original dairy.'
Annelies HuisinghMarketing Director