CorporateNewsTuesday, 08 Mar 2022

The violence going on in Ukraine is appalling and unimaginable. Our thoughts therefore go out to all Ukrainians and everyone affected by the war.

Due to the current situation, we have paused delivery and sales to Russian customers since March 2022.

Products and deliveries

We can imagine that our customers have questions about our production and deliveries. We would like to inform you about this.

Our products are produced in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. In the production of our products, no ingredients are used that come directly from Russian companies. We do not expect any problems with the production of our products at the moment.

Our transport does not pass through Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. That is why we do not foresee any problems for the delivery of our products. We do see that the availability of transport capacity in Europe and gas availability are becoming increasingly complex. The availability of this depends on global developments over which we have no influence. We are closely monitoring these developments. Due to good internal agreements and flexibility, we do our utmost to meet the agreed delivery times.

Cyber ​​attacks

We are aware of the increasing digital threats. So far, the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCS) has no concrete indications that the digital attacks have a direct impact on the Netherlands, but does not rule out possible consequences. We are extra alert to phishing e-mails and have also made our employees aware of this.


We remain committed to providing the service and support our customers expect from us. Are you a customer and do you have a question about your order? Please contact your account manager at Avebe. For other questions, please contact communication@avebe.com or call +31 598 66 5400.