Perfectasol S200 improves the noodle texture

By Wenju Wang, Stefan Wessel, Roy de Vries, Nikola Stanisic and Zhenghong Chen (Royal Avebe Innovation center)

Noodle is a very popular food all over the word, like Lanzhou ramen, Hubei hot dry noodles, Beijing fried sauce noodles, Italy pasta, Japanese ramen, Indian instant noodle, spaghetti in USA etc., besides convince, cost effective, delicious tastes, the texture also plays an very important role, and most people prefer the elastic and chewy texture. After many researches by Avebe application specialist, it was surprisingly found that the noodle texture and cooking property can be improved by potato protein Perfectasol S200 (patatin).

Noodle recipe and process

Wheat flour or pasta recipe

Ingredient Reference noodle With Perfectasol S 200 noodle
Wheat flour or semolina flour 98~100% 93~99.5%
Perfectasol S200 / 0.5~5%
Salt (NaCl) 0~2% 0~2%


Soba noodle recipe

Ingredient Reference noodle With Perfectasol S200 noodle
Buckwheat flour 38~100% 28~98%
Wheat flour 0~60% 0~60%
Perfectasol S200 / 2~10%
Salt (NaCl) 0~2% 0~2%



  1. Well mix all the dried ingredients (wheat flour and Perfectasol S200 or semolina flour and Perfectasol S200 or buckwheat flour, wheat flour and Perfectasol S200) in a mixer.
  2. Dissolve salt in water (water: the noodle recipe = 30~40 : 100). Or just use tap water without salt.
  3. Add the salty water or water into the mixer while mixing at low speed and keep mixing at low or medium speed for 10~15 min.
  4. Rest for another 5~30 min.
  5. Press the dough by pairs of rollers of the noodle machine to decrease the dough sheet to the required thickness (such as 1 mm).
  6. Cut the dough sheet to the noodle strands by a slitter.
  7. Cook the noodle in a boiling water for different cooking time and then followed by evaluation and measurement.

Evaluation after cooking for 30 minutes in boiling water

After cooking in boiling water for 30 minutes, pictures are shown below. We can see the control sample swollen bigger, and the texture is a little mushy, and sample with 1% Perfectasol S200, the appearance is shiny an smooth, the texture is elastic and chewy when consume. Through microscope we can Perfectasol S200 has some association with wheat gluten and strengthen the network, thus build up the elastic and chewy texture.


Water absorption change while cooking in boiling water

The curve below shows sample with Perfectasol S200 can resist the longer cooking time, and not easy to get mushy. It can be seen the noodle sample with 1% Perfectasol S200 added cooked 30 minutes has the similar water absorption as control sample which cooked 15 minutes, means 1% Perfectasol S200 can endure cooking time for additional 15 minutes and with better texture.


Another example is for soba noodle. When apply 5~8% Perfectasol S200 in Buckwheat flour to make the fresh soba noodle, the noodle can be cooked in boiling water for 30 min longer without obviously change in texture.

Fresh soba noodle cooked in boiling water for 30 minutes.

 In conclusion, Perfectasol S200 can improve the elastic and chewy texture for the noodle, meanwhile also can endure the longer cooking time.