The best plant-based is potato-based

Who thought saving the planet could be so delicious?

Dairy-free isn’t just for the lactose intolerant. The market is growing as consumers seek out sustainable alternatives. With our potato based products, manufacturers can provide a plant-based solution that rivals the rich, creamy, and smooth textures of dairy.


Plant-based yogurt

Dairy-free whipped creams and toppings require a stable emulsion and high overrun. With Perfectasol™, Avebe delivers an emulsifying and aerating functionality that make low-fat non-dairy whipped creams possible. The proteins work both in UHT-treated options, as well as aerosol spray cans, and deliver a delicious and dairy-free option to your consumers.

Cream cheese

Plant-based cream cheese

A good cream cheese is rich, soft, mild, and spreadable. It’s right there in the name: cream cheese is creamy. Etenia™ from Avebe is a highly efficient ingredient that allows for the emulsification and gelling for spreadability without adding significant costs. Avebe provides application know-how as well as pilot facilities to fine-tune the concept to give consumers a healthier indulgence.


Plant-based desserts

Delicious desserts should feel like a treat. Give your customers the creaminess, texture, and delight they expect. Avebe’s ingredients adapt to your manufacturing process, improving shear stability, shelf life, premium assets, and acid stability. Use cold-swelling starches to create dry mixes for instant desserts and boast a consumer-enticing clean label declaration.

Plant-based dairy with Perfectasol™
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Who thought saving the planet could be so delicious?

Perfectasol™ our plant-based solutions that rivals the rich, creamy, and smooth textures of dairy, with an attractive clean label that fits your processing equipment.

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