Casucol™ and Opagel™ are thickeners for mineral binders based on gypsum or cement. They give non-sag and anti-slip properties to plasters, fillers and tile adhesives. As they can be used to replace more expensive building ingredients, with low dosages being sufficient to obtain the required thickenig effect, Casucol™ and Opagel™ are extremely cost-effective.
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Make the job easy. Our thickeners help to ease the application of dry mortars. They facilitate mixing with water, the application, and the various smoothening stages. Casucol™ and Opagel™ reduce trowel stickiness and increase paste adhesion to the substrate.

Solutions are readily available. As there are many types of gypsum and cement, Avebe offers a wide range of thickening products geared to optimize the performance of your formulations. Various grades are available, for both manual and machines applications.

Avebe brands for Building and Construction

Avebe sells the premium quality brands Casucol™, Opagel™, Solvitose™, Foxcrete™ and Colle™ to the dry mix market.

Avebe starch ethers are globally used by the leading producers in the dry mortar industry to meet criteria in the fields of rheology, workability, setting and water retention.

Some of our famous products are:

  • Casucol™ 301
  • Opagel™ CMT
  • Opagel™ FP 6
  • Casucol™ FIX 1
  • Solvitose™ H 2060


Please contact our experts and discover how Avebe’s additives can enhance the performance of your products.

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