Potato starch for instant food: Paselli™

Potato starch for instant or cold food texturizing: Paselli™

Paselli™ is our potato starch solution for texturizing of instant food or cold prepared food. It offers a clean and neutral flavor profile that allows the product taste to shine through, and requires less flavoring compared to other ingredients like corn. Its clean taste and unique potato texture ensures excellence of the end product.
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What & how: excellent water and fat binder

Paselli™ is the core product that can be used in all types of food manufacturing such as soups and sauces, fillings, dairy, snacks and meat. This product is a natural potato-based ingredient and known as an excellent water and fat binder. Depending on the desired texture, Paselli™ can be used for a smooth texture, rather than a coarse texture.

Benefits: great texturizing in cold applications

Our product ensures good film-forming properties that will provide a creamier mouthfeel. Because of its non-animal origin, it is excellent for use in animal-free products.

Applications: potato starch with variety of functions

Paselli™ has various applications, among which are bakery creams, snacks, mayonnaise & dressing, fillings, processing aid and instant desserts. Paselli™ in pudding provides a short, firm and very light texture. In meat products, such as pate, it can impart fat characteristics: notably succulence and spreadability.

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