Perfectasol™ for free from products

Perfectasol™ is a texturizing system ideally suited for today’s leading customer demand for free-from, animal-free (vegan) and allergen-free products. It ensures great taste, but more than that, offers a wide variety of textures: from elastic to very short and from gummy to highly aerated. This makes it the premium texturizing solution for free-from products.
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What & how: potato as premium alternative to gelatin

Perfectasol™ is an easy to use, potato-derived ingredient for confectionery products, dairy substitutes and meat analogues. Our potato ingredients completely take over the gelling and foaming functions of gelatin, offering a total texture solution for confectionery products. It allows for a vegan reformulation of products, that can also be labeled as allergen-free, GMO-free, kosher and halal – all the while retaining the great taste and texture of the original product.

Benefits: best-in-class texture

A versatile ingredient, Perfectasol™ offers a wide variety of textures. In free-from products, it is even best-in-class when it comes to texturizing. Through our unique system, Perfectasol™ offers the cleanest, most complete solution for products that aim to avoid animal or allergenic ingredients.

Applications of Perfectasol

Perfectasol™ is fit for easy use in confectionary, dairy and meat.

  • Confectionery: Perfectasol™ can also be used in molded candies like winegums, foamed jellies and multi-layered candy.
  • Dairy: Perfectasol™ is the product of choice for dairy alternatives like pizza toppings and yoghurt.
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