Solvitose® stands for a wide range of high quality cold water soluble starches based on drum-drying technologies starch products: of carboxymethylated starch and hydroxypropylated starch making high quality cold water soluble starches which are well suited for specific applications: wallpaper adhesive, as rheology modifier and water retention agent to improve workability in cement and gypsum mortars and plaster. We have a range of products that can be blended with all kinds of synthetic dispersions
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Solvitose® high quality cold water soluble starches are designed to be used in various industry segments. To meet the specific demands we use drum drying and extruder technologies, make carboxymethylated starch and hydroxypropylated starch, and create a wide range of cold water soluble starch derivatives sold under the name of Solvitose®. Below you will learn more about the applications of the Solvitose adhesive range.

Wallpaper adhesive characteristics

The Solvitose® product line for wallpaper adhesive covers the needs of the European market, but also offers opportunities for the unique requirements of other major markets, including the USA and the Asia Pacific Region. The high viscous Solvitose® carboxymethylated starch wallpaper adhesives dissolve easy, lump free, are pH neutral and in line with the latest legislation regarding preservatives.

Dry mortar formulations

Building and construction: Solvitose® is used in building and construction dry mixes. Solvitose® H2060, Solvitose® 17S, Solvitose® FC50 are some of the unique starch additives for dry mortar industry, improving green strength, binding in dry mixes, suited for ready to use pastes

Blended with emulsion polymers adhesives

Avebe has a range of products that can be blended with all kinds of synthetic liquid dispersion adhesives as PVAC, polyvinyl acrylic, to improve rheology, enhance penetration and bonding, and replace synthetic thickener as polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH).

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