PerfectaSOL® for plant-based cheese

Looking for the perfect texturizer for your plant-based cheese products? PerfectaSOL® is a 100% plant-based clean label potato solution. Our solutions vary from delicious plant-based cream cheese spreads, from hard to grated parmesan cheese to stretchy pizza topping. Tailored to the needs of your product and consumers.

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Shreds that melt

The supurb plant-based pizza cheese topping is melty and stretchy. PerfectaSOL® the perfect texturizer for stretchy plant-based cheese products, with excellent melting properties.

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Plant-based cheese textures, from firm to elastic

PerfectaSOL®, the ideal texturizer for firm as well as elastic plant-based cheese products. It’s neutral taste and white color allow for a wide range of opportunities.

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Rich, soft spreadable cream cheese

A good plant-based cream cheese is rich, soft, mild, and spreadable. It’s right there in the name: plant-based cream cheese is creamy. PerfectaSOL® the perfect clean label texturizer for creamy and spreadable plant-based cream cheese.

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Grated or block

From grated to block, PerfectaSOL® is the ideal clean label texturizer for hard plant-based parmesan cheese giving every desired texture and properties. Non-sticky, no anti caking required and easy to process.

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Creamy and crumbly

Create the perfect creamy, white plant-based feta with our potato solution PerfectaSOL®. Clean label, neutral taste and easy to process.

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PerfectaSOL a clean label plant-based solution
Don’t just make great food. Make food Good.

The idea that food can be ‘good’ – creating a plant-based, clean label product with an original-like taste & texture – and still be profitable, scalable and marketable. We’re here to support you!

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