Solvitose Greenmelt: a 100% biodegradable alternative for hotmelt adhesives

Sustainability and recyclability within packaging are growing challenges for consumers and decision-makers in the packaging industry. Often it is not 100% biodegradable and compostable due to the adhesive of packaging materials. Here’s where we come into play with our Solvitose Greenmelt. This biodegradable alternative for hotmelt adhesives contributes to a 100% compostable or biodegradable paper packaging. 


Solvitose: fast setting and saving energy

Solvitose Greenmelt is a 100% biodegradable adhesive that, in contrast to traditional hotmelt adhesives, allows you to make your paper packaging fully sustainable.  

Solvitose Greenmelt is a very fast setting and flexible starch-based adhesive which exceeds the setting times of synthetic copolymer adhesives. It is not a hotmelt itself, but can replace them. With Avebe’s Greenmelt, it is possible to contribute towards 100% biodegradable packaging. And even better; you don’t have to compromise. It’s a fast setting food grade starch based adhesive that reduces energy use, making it a perfect choice for food manufacturers as well as other industries. 

100% natural

Potatoes; plant-based natural source

At Royal Avebe, we’re all about potato starch. We extract everything we can from the potato and put it to good use, and have been doing so for over 100 years. One of the many great benefits from using potatoes is that it can result in a product that is 100% natural. Solvitose Greenmelt is a 100% plant-based solution that we can offer for packaging.

Expert view

The future of sustainable packaging

Whether you are the sustainability manager at your company, or you’re about to forward this article to them, reducing the environmental impact of your product should be everybody’s goal. It’s inevitable. Is it you or your competition that is going to lead the way?

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Compostability Solvitose Greenmelt vs traditional hotmelts
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