Podcast episode 3: How to overcome the difficulties of creating plant-based cheese & dairy?

Royal Avebe is partnering with Food Matters Live in a series of new podcast episodes about the amazing history, versatility, and untapped potential of the humble potato. The potato plays a huge role in the global food industry and has been a core ingredient in many of our diets for centuries, but there’s a lot more to the potato than at first meets the eye…


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Episode 3:  How to overcome the difficulties of creating plant-based cheese & dairy?

Plant-based dairy is, perhaps, the longest-running success story of the plant-based movement. In parts of the world, people have been drinking milk alternatives for centuries, whilst margarine has widely been made without the use of animal products since the end of the Second World War. But there is no doubt that the dairy-free trend has really picked up in recent years. There is now a lot more choice when it comes to plant-based dairy like plant- based yoghurts, desserts, dips and spreads, creams, and plant-based cheeses like slices or shreds.

And for producers, particularly in creating plant-based cheese with the right taste and texture, the results can be disappointing. In short, it is a challenge to get right. So, in this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, we are turning once again to potatoes to see how versatile ingredients out of this vegetable might be able to help. It is a source for starch and protein ingredients, as well as being a staple, and products derived from it can be used across the plant-based dairy sector.

The question is: How does potato overcome the challenges in creating the perfect plant-based dairy and plant-based cheese?

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About Akkelien Vermüe, Strategic Marketing Manager

Akkelien has over 25 years’ experience within strategic, trade, and consumer marketing, brand, category and product management. She has worked for A-brands vs private labels, within retail and foodservice channels, with national and international oriented companies.

Akkelien is an insight-oriented manager with a commercial drive and background. She adopts a consumer-centric approach and likes to translate trends, developments and data into strategic opportunities and tactical options.

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About Meleknur Tüzün, Global Segment Manager

Meleknur is Global Segment Manager for (Plant-based) Dairy & Cheese at Avebe. She is experienced in texturizing solutions, protein and starches for plant-based cheese and plant-based dairy together with traditional dariy and cheese knowledge.
Mel holds a Food Engineering and an Executive-MBA degree from Istanbul Technical University. And has 12 years of experience in the food production industry and has been working at Avebe for over eight years.


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