Protamyl™ factory in Dallmin

InnovationStoriesThursday, 25 Aug 2022

The new Protamyl™ factory in Dallmin went into operation last autumn. Peter Minow, Managing Director of Royal Avebe Kartoffelstärkefabrik Prignitz/ Wendland GmbH, is happy to explain some of the elements.

“Since November 2021, we have been producing about 800 kg of protein per hour in the protein factory. To save energy, the potato fruit water is further concentrated in an ultrafiltration plant before the protein extraction takes place.”

“The foam from the potato fruit water is removed mechanically in tanks. This skimming process ensures that the other production processes in the protein factory remain stable.”

“After skimming, the potato juice is further concentrated and denatured by steam injection. This allows the product Protamyl™ to be separated in the subsequent process. After this step, the dehydrated protein dries out. We then channel the potato juice the protein has been extracted from into the storage tanks.”

“The protein product is dried to a moisture content suitable for storage and then fractioned through separation processes and sieving.”

“The storage silo has a capacity of 90 m³. Almost every day, a silo train loaded with protein leaves the factory. The German company Hagemann Dienste GmbH fills big bags with our protein, which is then transported to the Netherlands.”

“The protein water passes from the starch plant to the protein plant via an additional pipe bridge. Chemicals, process water, waste water, compressed air, steam and condensate are also transported via this pipe bridge.”