Baked goods

Avebe has a long history of supplying high quality ingredients to the bakery industry. To serve the bakery industry even better, Avebe introduced a line of specialty ingredients, which are able to provide a wide range of innovative solutions for the bakery industry.

Follow consumer baked goods trends and divers by innovation

Driven by a need for convenience, more out-of-home consumption of bakery products, and strong growth of in-store bakeries and bakery chains are observed. This in turn leads to a higher demand for convenience from the bakers, through easy-to-use semi-finished products, in powdered, chilled or frozen form. These trends in the bakery industry require an innovative, solution-driven supplier with a worldwide network. Avebe is well positioned to address these customer needs, by providing the “ingredients for success”.


In pound cake, choux, sponge cake and muffin mixes, Paselli™ and Eliane™ instant starches are used stabilize and to standardize the mix. It helps to control batter viscosity and aeration. They also help to retain moisture, which leads to better mouth feel and extended shelf life.

Fat reduced batters

Fat (butter or margarine) contributes to the structure, texture, softness and shelf life of products like a pound cake. In addition, fat gives cake an indulgent texture, providing a rich taste and mouth feel due to its melting behaviour. An average pound cake introduces due to it high fat content a high number of calories into the baked product. Reducing the fat content in a pound cake formulation, results often in a reduced batter viscosity, loss of texture and inferior taste. Etenia™ helps the manufacturer to maintain the viscosity, improves the eating properties in terms of mouth feel and creaminess whilst reducing the fat content. The cake manufactured with Etenia™ is highly consumer preferred; it’s healthy, low fat, and indulging rich in flavour and taste.


Refrigerated frozen baked goods

Consolidation is a force in the bakery industry, requiring baked goods manufacturers to continuously look for innovative ingredients. Further industrialisation is irreversible a demands high stability along the supply chain. This makes higher demands upon the ingredients used, when it comes to freeze/thaw stability and shelf life extension. Innovative starches as Paselli™ and Eliane™ are increasingly used in refrigerated or frozen dough applications such as pizza crusts and sandwiches. Avebe ingredients retain moisture, leading to a softer crumb, improved texture and extended shelf life.

Dry baked goods

Within this rapid changing segment a strong trend is seen towards health, low fat, low carbs and fibre enriched.

The resistant starch Selectamyl™ can help to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in biscuits, at the same time the fibre content increases. Fat reduction in biscuits often results in a harder bite and thus negative consumptive behaviour. The combination of Eliane™ and Selectamyl™ helps the biscuit industry to suppress that negative effect of reducing the fat in biscuits, providing an appealing texture.

Line coverage is often an issue in the biscuit industry, with baked potato chips the biscuit manufacture is able to extent their portfolio on the line. Eliane™ and Solanic® enables the biscuit manufacturer to produce clean label baked potato snack (sweet / savoury) with an appealing crispy texture. Besides the enjoyable texture also the fat content is reduced to the minimum.

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