Etenia™ ES, for delicious creamy clean label dairy products

Great texturizing and gelling plant-based ingredient

The market is growing as consumers seek out sustainable and clean label alternatives. Etenia™ ES is our latest member within the Etenia family product-range. Excellent solubility in water and milk, neutral taste, clean label and still brings smooth texture and taste to dairy products.


Enhancing a rich and creamy taste

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to yogurt. Consumers seek out allergen-free, sustainable and healthy food products with clean ingredients and distinct (identifiable) textures.
Etenia™ ES serves as a clean label substitute for milk fat, protein or hydrocolloids whilst retaining flavor and creaminess.


Cream cheese

Spreadability without adding costs

A good cream cheese is rich, soft, mild, and spreadable. It’s right there in the name: cream cheese is creamy.
Etenia™ ES is a highly efficient  clean label texturizer for your cream cheese and friendly cost-in-use. Besides, the product has great solubility properties and is easy to process.

Take a look at our video below to find out more.


Plant-based dairy with Etenia™ ES
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Download the recipe how to make a perfect spoonable non-fat yogurt

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Etenia™ ES our plant-based solution that is easy soluble, replacing fat and still creates the rich, creamy, and smooth textures of dairy, with an attractive clean label that fits your processing equipment.