Create great tasting plant-based and clean label food with potato ingredients

Creating the best-tasting, healthy, natural and ‘free from’ food products without compromising on taste and texture? Our plant-based potato starch and potato protein solutions can support you creating every texture, are free from allergen labelling and easy to process in existing equipment.

Clean label

Clean label without compromising on taste and texture

Replace egg-white, hydrocolloids and modified starches and create allergen-free solutions with every desired texture, taste and appearance. Use our potato proteins and starches to improve the binding, texture, and stability in a wide range of applications, while avoiding any allergens.

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Plant-based Potato Power

We have created a portfolio of 100% green and plant-based solutions from potato starch and potato protein. Our products are able to mimic the texturing functionality from animal-based ingredients, and still produce great-tasting animal-free (vegan) food products.

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Avebe's plant-based and clean label solutions
Don’t just make great food. Make food Good.

The idea that food can be ‘good’ – creating a plant-based, clean label product with an original-like texture – and still be profitable, scalable and marketable. We’re here to support you!

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