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Increase value dairy

The dairy industry is facing challenging times caused by external market factors like:

  • maturity of the dairy market;
  • rising costs and price volatility of raw materials, on occasion even shortages of milk, cream or dry milk products
  • increasing price sensitivity of consumers;
  • global awareness of consumers towards more sustainable processes;
  • rising power of retailers and increasing share of private label brands leading to price concessions from producers;
  • political decisions like EU milk quota regime that came to an end.


Avebe addresses these versatile challenges in innovative potato based concepts that helps our customers to unlock the full potential of their valuable milk.

Potato starch

Avebe offers solutions for a wide variety of dairy products such as fresh cheese, processed and imitation cheese, yoghurt, desserts, ice cream and many more. We believe understanding local dynamics and processing conditions are key to success. Therefore, we adapt our concepts to local needs and offer solutions for local dairy products.

Avebe’s product portfolio for dairy consists of:

  • Etenia™ a range of E-number free potato starches with unique textural properties
  • Eliane™ our waxy potato range with several unique functionalities
  • Perfectamyl™ and Perfectagel™, our main brands for solutions in processed and imitation cheese
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