Egg free dressings and sauces

The demand for egg-free solutions is growing: eggs are expensive, they require labeling as allergen and they are often the only animal ingredient used, preventing manufacturers from making an animal-friendly or vegan claim.

Potato protein as egg protein substitute

Egg proteins are known for their good emulsifying and sensory properties. As a potato protein Solanic®300 has proven to substitute egg proteins, yielding stable emulsions with a smooth mouth feel and good heat stability. It is a versatile ingredient, effective in a wide oil range from 60% to lower than 5%, suitable for both cold and hot high-shear processing. It does not need to be labeled as an allergen, and cost-in-use savings are possible: a 30% oil dressing just takes ca 0.5% Solanic®300 to replace ca 1.5% egg yolk powder.

Egg free applications

Solanic®300 combines great emulsion stability with a ‘free from’ allergens label and therefore can substitute egg proteins in emulsified sauces like:

  • Acid sauces, like mayonnaise and salad dressings, cold consumed and prepared either cold or hot;
  • Meat and pasta sauces, like béarnaise or carbonara, mostly hot consumed and hot prepared.
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