Meet us at IFT 14 – 17 July

Come and visit us during the IFT First Annual Event and Expo in Chicago from July 14- 17, 2024 in Chicago. We'll happily demonstrate, taste and brainstorm about a solution for your product!  

2024-07-14 till 2024-07-17

McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, IL, USA 

Meet us at IFT 14 – 17 July

👉👉 New innovations

We will showcase our latest innovations. Think about great-tasting yogurt and coatings that stick for (plant-based) meat & fish products. Both made with our PerfectaSOL® and ETENIA® potato ingredients inside. Discover more at our booth #3943.

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Taste of coatings that stick!

Consumers want crispy, vegan, and gluten-free coatings for plant-based meat and fish that stick and don’t peel off after frying. During the IFT, Dale Bertrand – Regional Technical Support Manager at Avebe – will give a presentation about how to create coatings that stick to (plant-based) meat & fish.

PerfectaSOL®, a clean label, native potato protein forms a thermo-irreversible gel when heated, ensuring perfect adhesion without egg or wheat ingredients. Easy to use, PerfectaSOL® provides strong adhesion for coatings on various plant-based substrates like TVP and mycoprotein.

Taste and see how it outperforms other ingredients, delivering excellent adhesion between different coatings and substrates.
Join his presentation 16 July 2024, 2.00 – 2.15 PM

We’d love to hear what you think about our newest food solutions, and also chat with you about other ways our Avebe potato protein and potato starch might be useful for you. Discover more at our booth 3943.

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