Potato starch is an ideal product when it comes to filling solutions. Our starches are applicable to manufacturing fillings like instant bakery cream, fruit fillings, toppings and glazes. Other instant and cook-up starches can be used in preparation of savoury bakery fillings.

Avebe starches for filling

Paselli™ and Prejel™ starches based on potato starch are used by leading manufacturers of cream fillings in the industry. Eliane™ starches provide excellent baking stability and high viscosity in instant bakery cream applications. The clean, non flavour masking potato starch base not only provides excellent visual appeal, but allows the taste to shine through. Due to the high viscosity and texture stability, a substantial reduction in dosage level of gelling agents such as alginates can be achieved. With our potato starches you can create a whole range of superior quality bakery creams.

The benefits of using Eliane™ starches are:

  • Good bake stability
  • Excellent freeze/thaw stability
  • Excellent texture and mouth feel
  • Significantly consumer preferred

Avebe starches for fruit fillings

Eliane™ starches give bakery products high consumer appeal by allowing the natural fruit taste to shine through. Use of our potato starches results in short texture with shiny and clear appearance that are superior to other starch products.

The benefits of using Eliane™ in fruit fillings are:

  • High clarity resulting in natural and clear appearance of fruit
  • Pure fruit flavour
  • High consumer appeal
  • High baking performance
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