Avebe can offer you solutions in a wide range of processed meat applications from cooked meat products (sausages, paté, ham, poultry) to fresh products (minced/ pieces, burgers, meat balls). Potato starch and potato proteins provide tailor made solutions to improve the end product. These solutions can help with improvements on texture, quality, storage or yield.

Potato starch for meat products

Many factors influence the decision to choose a particular solution in meat processing. Based on knowledge of the regional preferences, processing and specific usage of ingredients we can offer the optimal solution based on starches. Besides the Avebe food grade potato starch which is widely used as a binding and texturizing agent we also have the Perfectabind™ range and Eliane™ for the innovated solutions. With these products we are able to advise which potato starch is the best suitable in your processing and final products requirements.

Futher more Avebe supplies dextrose, malto-dextrins and spray-dried glucose products for texture and taste improvement. These ingredients can be used in cooked ham or as a fermentation source in fermented meats.

Potato protein for meat product

In a wide range of processed meat applications Solanic® protein exhibits an excellent combination of emulsifying and gelling properties. While the good solubility offers better convenience (no pre-emulsification step required, easy brine preparation), the improved heat- and texture stability provides enhanced quality attributes, such as mouth feel, ‘knack’ or sliceability. Solanic® potato protein can often be used at a lower dosage than alternative proteins from soy (SPC/SPI), egg (egg white protein) or milk (caseinates).

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